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Joy Myers Provides Counseling Services in Castle Rock, CO

We are not free to decide IF pain and disruption will come into our lives. We ARE free to decide how we will respond to it.

PearlA painful grain of sand embedded in the tender oyster’s flesh is inevitable because it breathes on the ocean floor. The oyster responds by covering the irritant with layers of smooth fluid that heal the wound and transform it into a beautiful pearl.

The pain we walk through and hold can be the raw material for transformation into something of great value in our lives. Is it time to embrace the hope, and reach for change that will benefit you for a lifetime?

“If we don’t transform our pain, we will most assuredly transmit it.” Richard Rohr

Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling

Do you feel like you are dragging life behind you? Is stress overwhelming you? Have unresolved wounds or conflicts hijacked your peace of mind? Do you worry about what people think of you? Are you weighed down by regret, guilt, self-criticism? Are busy, negative thoughts keeping you awake? Are ”shoulds” running your life? Is it difficult to express yourself calmly? Do you need to forgive or be forgiven? Read more

Marriage Counseling

Couples Marriage Counseling

Are you finding yourselves in frequent and redundant conflict, without the communication tools to resolve them? Have you lost the emotional connection between you? Do you think you are too different to connect? Do you find yourself in the aftermath of an affair? Does your marriage encourage the best in you or bring out the worst? Is your marriage a consumer relationship or a commitment relationship? Is there too much hurt to overcome? Read more

Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Guidance

Do you prefer a faith-based approach to your concerns? Is your image of God harsh, punitive, and distant? Or is your God present and compassionate? Has your experience with God been tainted by religious abuse or judgmental people? Do you need to find freedom from guilt? Do you need meaning and a mission in your life? Read more

If you are looking for Counseling Services in Castle Rock and Englewood, CO; you are in the right place. Joy Myers is a licensed psychotherapist with over 30 years assisting individuals and couples.

My Clients Say…

Joy initially worked with us to find common ground during a turbulent time in our marriage. She helped us focus on positive aspects of our marriage while working through the negatives over a relatively short period of time. Joy helped us identify individual characteristics about ourselves and our relationship. We have experienced a deeper understanding of each other and have increased our level of overall communication.


Hope for the Journey