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Here are some comments from clients I have worked with:


Joy Myers Client Feedback"Joy initially worked with us to find common ground during a turbulent time in our marriage. She helped us focus on positive aspects of our marriage while working through the negatives over a relatively short period of time. Joy helped us identify individual characteristics about ourselves and our relationship. We have experienced a deeper understanding of each other and have increased our level of overall communication." S.S.

"After adoping our first two children, I found myself in a deep depression. I realized that I needed someone to help me sort through all of the things that were swirling thorugh my mind and emotions. Joy Myers helped me to do just that and more! Now I have the tools I need to be the wife and mother that I have always wanted to be!" K.R.

"Joy Myers is a gifted therapist who provided support, compassion, guidance and challenges during my therapy journey w/her. The special relationship provided safety that was critical to my well-being and my growth. She challenged me when I needed to prod my growth edges. She asked the right questions. "

"Joy Myers' talents and gifts as my therapist allowed and encouraged growth, and provided the support for my stumbles along the way."

"Joy Myers' support as my "therapy guide" allowed me to explore and grow in ways I hadn't even envisioned until I worked w/her in therapy. In addition, our therapy relationship grew into one that included spiritual teaching as well."

"Joy has helped me thorugh a very difficult divorce after 35 years of marriage. She has always been the right combination of caring, understanding and support. I loved when I kept complaining that the grieving time was taking so long and she said she would never push me faster than I could go." P.J.

"She has helped me beyond measure to safely grow into myself and trust myself. At 61 years of age I am finally able to let go of past beliefs and move forward into the best part of my life."

"I started therapy with Joy in hopes to improve my marriage and work-life balance. Through our sessions, I have learned so much about myself and how things are so interconnected (for example: my anxiety with my job flows into my marriage). Joy has taught me “tools” that I can now use to help me get resolution and it feels so good! Thank you Joy for being such an outstanding and knowledgeable therapist." M.B.

"Joy Myers has helped me tremendously after the death of my 18 year old daughter. My life had never been darker when I met Joy, she showed me so much compassion and understanding and she is truly the person that helped me survive such a tragedy. She has performed hypnosis and EMDR to help me deal with my loss and it has been very effective. She is a great spiritual counselor and shows no judgement. She is an honest person and shows great empathy for every situation. I cannot say enough good things about Joy and her approach, she truly has been a blessing in my life." R.C.