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A Handful of Quiet Retreats:

A handful of quiet is better than two fists full of labor.

The Courage of Forgiveness: This seminar focuses on creating a new awareness of the mystery and process of forgiveness. What better time than now, to resolve current and even old hurts that divide us from those we love? This seminar is a challenging and renewing experience in learning to love better through forgiveness.

Safe Haven Marriage: The number one predictor of divorce is emotional disconnection, not fighting. The workshop focuses on building or rebuilding that connection. In the Afrikaans language, I love you is literally translated as “I have your heart”. Your spouse’s heart is in your hands and yours is in his/hers. Make your relationship a safe place to be.

Personal Mission Statement: Do you have a succinct picture of your personal mission in life? A picture of the way your particular gifts and talents can be expressed in your world yields both impact and fulfillment? This workshop guides your development of a personal statement that embraces your unique way of being in your world, which can serve to inform your decisions and encourage a positive, firm sense of self.

Permission to be Precious concentrates on the fact that each of us is precious. We are born precious. Nothing can change that fact of being. When your sense of worth is based on inherent value, it is stable, less affected by the winds and whims of daily life. Your true self is your best self, gifts, limitations, and all.

Shame, fear, pain and anger are so magnified that (some) people are almost always in an emotional state marked by anxiety and feelings of being irrational, dysfunctional… Such people also think they should be able to make those around them happy, and when they can’t they feel as if they are somehow “less than” others.Pia Mellody

When God Ran: This retreat is based upon the story of the Prodigal son that depicts the exquisite love of a father God who seeks to bring us home from a far away place or from a far away heart. We know his mercy and grace most deeply when we know we need it.

Restoring the Soul: This retreat brings comfort to the heart and calls forth wonder and devotion. Psalm 23 assures us of the great care and concern God has for us.

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Meet Joy Myers

Psychotherapist Joy Myers, M.A., L.P.C. has 30 years experience assisting couples and individuals. She welcomes you to the journey for transformation. More!

M.A., Counseling - Denver Seminary
B.S.N., Nursing - Wichita State University, KS

Licensure and Certifications:

  • Colorado Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
  • Board Certified Professional Counselor
  • Certification in Clinical Hypnosis - American Society for Clinical Hypnosis
  • Certification in Spiritual Direction – Benet Pines Spiritual Formation Program

Professional Memberships/Affiliations:

  • American Counseling Association
  • American Board of Professional Counselors
  • American Psychotherapy Association
  • American Society for Clinical Hypnosis

My office is conveniently located:
482 W. Happy Canyon Rd. Ste 220
Castle Rock, CO 80108