Faith-Based Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Guidance – A Christian Path:

spiritual guidance counselor - Castle Rock and Englewood, CO
Do you prefer a faith-based approach to your concerns? Do you find yourself thinking “I need spiritual guidance”? Is your image of God harsh, punitive, and distant? Or is your God present and compassionate? Has your experience with God been tainted by religious abuse or judgmental people? Do you need to find freedom from guilt? Do you need meaning and a mission in your life? Do you need hope for the journey?

“You desire truth in my inward being,
therefore, teach me wisdom in my secret heart”.
Psalm 51:6

When you invite me * to include spiritual guidance in our work together, we can, with the help of God’s wisdom and grace, deepen the changes you make in counseling. The healing of one’s image of God adjusts how we see everything. Let’s not be the travelers, anxious to enjoy the vistas, but moving through life with the window shades of the bus drawn down. Let’s be the travelers, open wide to the journey, because we can be confident of the presence, compassion, generosity and forgiveness of God.

* “By invitation only”. There will be safety and respect for your preferences, and no intrusion.

  • Integration of faith
  • Contemplation
  • Recovery from religious abuse
  • Grace and the Image of God
  • Discover your personal mission
  • Freedom from guilt
Hope for the Journey